25th Anniversary of ICC-HK

Chairman of ICC-HK

International Standard Demand Guarantee Practice (ISDGP) for URDG758
ICC Pub No: 814E, 2021 Edition
ICC Banking Commission Opinions from January 2021 to July 2023 (Zoom Webinar)
Mr Gary Collyer
ICC Handbook on Transport and the Incoterms© 2020 rules
ICC Pub No: 806E, 2021 Edition
Issues, Opportunities and Rewards for Parties and Their Lawyers: The New Arbitration Funding Landscape in Hong Kong

Mr. Clifford Tavares, Mr. Rory McAlpine, Ms. Kim Rooney, Ms. Kathryn Sanger, Mr. Ben Bury...

ICC Model Contracts for Start-ups (ePub)
ICC Pub No: 815E, 2021 Edition
Digital Economy Summit 2023
GBA Cross-Boundary Disputes Mediation Model Rules officially released
UCP for Documentary Credits UCP600 (updated 2019 to include eUCP2.0)
ICC Pub No: 600E, 2019 Revision
ICC and WIPO sign their first Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
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