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  International Standard Demand Guarantee Practice (ISDGP) for URDG758     ICC Handbook on Transport and the Incoterms© 2020 rules

ICC Pub No: 814E, 2021 Edition

    ICC Pub No: 806E, 2021 Edition
  ICC Model Contracts for Start-ups (ePub)     UCP for Documentary Credits UCP600 (updated 2019 to include eUCP2.0)

ICC Pub No: 815E, 2021 Edition

    ICC Pub No: 600E, 2019 Revision
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  International Standard Demand Guarantee Practice (ISDGP) for URDG758
  ICC Pub No: 814E, 2021 Edition
  The 215 international standard practices in this publication have been collected through a decade of the application of the URDG. They record best practice in demand guarantees throughout the lifecycle of the guarantee: the drafting and issue of guarantees and counter-guarantees, presentations, examinations and payments, rejections and expiry, transfers and assignments, and more.

The ISDGP demonstrates how the principles and content of URDG 758 should be integrated into day-to-day demand guarantee practice, in all types of demand guarantees, international or domestic, in all sectors of trade and industry, regardless of when or where the guarantee or counter-guarantee is issued.

Insights and best practices are combined in this first edition of the ISDGP for the benefit of instructing parties/applicants, beneficiaries, guarantors and counter-guarantors. Compliance with the ISDGP may avoid mishaps that lead to unintended consequences, costly payment delays, and disputes.
  ICC Handbook on Transport and the Incoterms© 2020 rules
  ICC Pub No: 806E, 2021 Edition
  This new publication provides clarity and practical support to those in the transport sector working on transactions involving the Incoterms® rules. When goods need to be transported from a seller to a buyer, in most cases an independent carrier is involved.

This handbook has been developed to clarify multiple issues arising in the interrelation of contracts of carriage and the Incoterms® 2020 rules in contracts for the B2B sale of goods and help readers address the complex steps of today’s logistics chains.

Covering each of the 11 rules and reflecting sales when the buyer contracts or arranges for carriage and when the seller does so, this book is a must-have for those in the transport sector.

The full text of the Incoterms® 2020 rules is also included in the book.
  ICC Model Contracts for Start-ups (ePub)
  ICC Pub No: 815E, 2021 Edition
  Entrepreneurs and their start-up ventures are drivers of today’s economy, entrepreneurs need to ensure their businesses start off with a strong legal foundation. This package of foundational Model Contracts for Start-ups provides a set of balanced legal models that will save new companies time and legal costs when negotiating and drafting agreements with investors and employees.

The package of model documents includes: Model Term Sheet, Model Shareholders Agreement, Model Directors Services/Management Agreement; Model Employment Agreement, Model Confidentiality Agreement and a checklist of issues to consider related to assignment and transfer of intellectual property rights.

The models can be adapted to fit the particular circumstances of the transaction and will allow young businesses to engage legal counsel at a later stage in the process, to help finalize the contracts in accordance with local requirements, saving entrepreneurs precious time and money.
  UCP for Documentary Credits UCP600 (updated 2019 to include eUCP2.0)
  ICC Pub No: 600E, 2019 Revision
  Commercial letters of credit are the lifeblood of international trade. For more than 85 years, the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) - the International Chamber of Commerce's rules on documentary credits - have governed letter of credit transactions worldwide.

UCP 600 contains important new provisions in the fields of transport, insurance and compliance, which will form the basis of letter of credit transactions for years to come.

The revised UCP includes a "Definitions" article designed to clarify the meaning of key terms, a changed practice for giving a notice of refusal and other modifications you will need to know. It also includes version 2.0 of the eUCP - the 14 articles of ICC's supplement to the UCP that govern presentation of documents in electronic form.

Since its inception, the UCP has remained a vital component of international trade. Bankers, traders, lawyers, transporters, academics and all who deal with letter of credit transactions will refer to UCP 600 on a daily basis.


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