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  ICC Model Contract - International Consulting Service     Making Money with Incoterms(R) 2010
  ICC Product No. 787E, 2017 Edition
    ICC Product No. 984E, 2017 Edition
  2017 Annual Review of International Banking Law & Practice - USB drive By Institute of International Banking Law & Practice     Summaries of UAE Courts' Decisions on Arbitration - Second Edition
  ICC Product No. 985E , 2017 Edition
    ICC Product No. 789E, 2017 Edition
  Dispute Prevent and Settlement through Expert Determination and Dispute Boards     ICC Banking Commission Opinions 2012-2016
  ICC Product No. 792E, 2017 Edition
    ICC Product No. 785E, 2016 Edition
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  ICC Model Contract - International Consulting Services
  Expanding into a new market
  ICC Product No. 787E, 2017 Edition
  When negotiating consultancy agreements abroad, one of the main difficulties faced by parties engaged in international trade is the lack of standard provisions for agreements of this type. Also, consultancy agreements are often not governed by specific statutory provisions.

Companies looking to expand their operations to a new, foreign market often need guidance on a range of issues related to the new market, including brand promotion, market research or local incentive schemes. ICC has drafted this model contract to provide such companies and their advisors with an internationally-applicable, fair, and balanced template.

It includes a USB key which contains the full text of the model and its annexes, permitting you to easily adapt the contract to your specific case. If parties have no need to draw up a special contract of their own, they can use the entire model, which has been drafted to assure balance for both sides.
  Making Money with Incoterms(R) 2010
  Strategic Use of Incoterms(R) Rules in Purchases and Sales
  ICC Product No. 984E, 2017 Edition
  In most negotiations for imports and exports there are four primary areas buyers and sellers discuss. These four areas are possession of the goods during transportation, transfer of risk or responsibility, title transfer, and payment terms.

Of these four areas, the most important is the negotiation over the transfer of possession during transportation.

Landed cost, or total cost of ownership, is the sum of all costs to get the product that was purchased to its destination.

This book is addressing the strategy and tactics of negotiating the minimization of landed cost and the maximization of profit for both international and domestic transactions, from the perspective of both purchasing and sales.

Making Money with Incoterms(R) 2010 is addressed to the largest group of importers and exporters: those who sell goods either as LCL, or in full containers by ocean, air or truck.

Most traders will be using only a few Incoterms(R) Rules. For this reason, this publication will address those Incoterms(R) Rules in depth that are most applicable to most companies that participate in international trade.
  2017 Annual Review of International Banking Law & Practice - USB drive By Institute of International Banking Law & Practice
  ICC Product No. 985E , 2017 Edition
  ICC Product No. 985E , 2017 Edition For over 20 years, the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice has produced the world's only annual record of court activity regarding LCs and guarantees, plus the year's significant writing on international banking law & practice.

This convenient and fully searchable USB drive contains a year's worth of case summaries, expert articles, practice reports, and government actions.

> 20 Articles written by key experts from around the globe
> 89 Case Summaries from decisions rendred in 2016, including:
- Arab Banking Corp. v. Boustead Singapore Ltd (Counter Guarantees & Extend or Pay)
- Arch Specialty Insurance Company v. First Community Bank of Eastern Arkansas (Presentation of Original LC)
- Arrowhead General Insurance Agency v. Lincoln General Insurance Co. (Automatic Extension)
- CKR Contract Services Pte. Ltd. v. Asplenium Land Pte. Ltd (Unconscionability & Limiting Clause)
- Grains and Industrial Products Trading Pte Ltd v. Bank of India (Nominated Bank/Issuer Relationship)
- Hong Kong Huihuang Industrial Co. v. Allahabad Bank (Preclusion)
- National Infrastructure Dev. Co. v. Banco Santander S.A. (“Due and Owing”)
- Societe Anonyme Marocain De L’Industrie Du Raffinage v. Bank of America, N.A. (Reasonable Knowledge of Fraud)

> 9 Practice Reports, including: - BAFT Letter to BASEL Committee
- Recommendation of ICCBC ExCo in Respect of A Revision of UCP 600
- 2016 ICC Global Survey
- ICC Trade Register Report 2016
- Notes on the Principle of Strict Compliance
- Strict Compliance: How Strict is Strict?
- Summary of April 2016 ICC Banking Commission Meeting
  Summaries of UAE Courts' Decisions on Arbitration - Second Edition
  Including DIFC Courts Decisions
  ICC Product No. 789E, 2017 Edition
  Arbitration in the UAE continues to evolve and the number of local and international cases has grown considerably since the first edition of this book published in 2013.

This Second Edition comprises 43 carefully selected recent judgments (2012-2016) from the Federal Supreme Court, the Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation, Dubai Court of Cassation and the DIFC Courts. Presented in an easy to read format, a summary is provided for each of the selected judgments allowing the reader to gain insight into the facts of the case, the principles relied upon by the court to render its decision and the reasoning of the court leading to its decision.

An indispensable reference book for arbitrators, practitioners and educational institutions who need easy access to UAE jurisprudence focusing on arbitration.
  Dispute Prevent and Settlement through Expert Determination and Dispute Boards
  ICC Product No. 792E, 2017 Edition
  Dispute avoidance is not generally on the mind of businesses and their in-house legal counsel until a dispute hits. This book deals with the prevention of disputes and their settlement through two specific methods: Dispute Boards and Expert Determination. These two methods are often used by the international business community to reduce the risk of being involved in long and complex factual disputes.

13 international experts share their knowledge and their experience on the impact of applicable law, contract law issues, procedural issues and the relationship between Expert Determination or Dispute Boards on the one hand and litigation and arbitration on the other.

Specific topics dealt with in the book include the challenges of Expert Determination in M&A transactions, Expert Determination by Accounting firms including real-life examples as well as the 2015 ICC Dispute Board Rules, the settlement of disputes including under the FIDIC forms of contract and recent case law on Dispute Boards.

Essential reading for lawyers and in-house counsel.
  ICC Banking Commission Opinions 2012-2016
  New opinions on UCP 600, ISBP 681, ISBP 745, URC 522 and URDG 758
  ICC Product No. 785E, 2016 Edition
  This important volume contains the official Opinions issued by the International Chamber of Commerce’s Banking Commission during the years 2012-2016 in the sequence TA755rev to TA840rev. The 82 Opinions included in these pages reflect how ICC’s universally used rules of letters of credit, bank-to-bank reimbursements, documentary collections and demand guarantees are applied in everyday practice.

The Opinions in this volume respond to specific questions raised by queries submitted to the Banking Commission from practitioners the world over. The bulk of the Opinions respond to questions raised concerning the latest version of ICC’s Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP 600), and the International Standard Banking Practice for the Examination of Documents under Documentary Credits (ISBP publication numbers 681 and 745). The UCP and ISBP publications are the irreplaceable texts practitioners adhere to when framing transactions using letters of credit.

The Banking Commission’s Opinions represent the Commission’s official interpretations of how ICC rules are to be used in specific situations. Over the years, they have not only provided unrivalled guidance to practitioners; they have also been widely cited by judges when deciding disputes involving the ICC rules of practice.

In this volume, practitioners will find answers to frequently asked questions, among them:
- How to sign and declare the signing capacity under a transport document?
- Can a credit amount be underdrawn when a documentary requirement includes a final shipment certificate?
- How to determine an original insurance document and how many originals need to be presented?

Apart from the UCP and ISBP, there are also Opinions concerning ICC’s Uniform Rules for Collections (URC 522), its Uniform Rules for Bank-to-Bank Reimbursements (URR 725) and its Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (URDG 758). This volume also contains Opinions approved in respect of the application of ISBP 681, the predecessor to ISBP 745.


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