About ICC-HK

The International Chamber of Commerce - Hong Kong (ICC-HK) was inaugurated in December 1998 as the Hong Kong representative body of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). It seeks to project Hong Kong's business interests in the international community and to mobilize Hong Kong's business experience to contribute to the key activities of ICC. ICC-HK further aims to share Hong Kong's experience with businesses elsewhere particularly in areas of policy issues, international standards and business practices. It participates in ICC's endeavours in setting business standards and in promoting interflow of business around the world.

The membership of ICC-HK consists of leading companies, chambers of commerce and businesses in Hong Kong. It is the only business body in Hong Kong with this unique international affiliation.

Since its inauguration, ICC-HK has consistently been involved in ICC's policy work. As part of a highly respected international private sector forum, it assists in furthering ICC's global aims and objectives and shaping its policies. Many members give their service to the policy commissions, committees and groups at the heart of ICC's work. ICC-HK correspondingly sets up a number of subject committees to put forward Hong Kong's views to ICC in policy and practice settings. The areas of interest include banking and financial services, arbitration, trade and investment, environment, competition and intellectual property.

Apart from formulating policy and practice codes and standards, ICC-HK provides processing services for endorsement of commercial documents and issue certificates of origin to facilitate businesses in their trade documentation work.

Another direct service is sale of ICC publications. These cover a wide range of standards and practices for various industries and businesses, such as arbitration, incoterms, model contracts and trade finance. They are highly regarded and are in good demand.

In addition, it organizes workshops or seminars for on-the-job training, for professional requirements or for conferring on major business issues.

ICC-HK is a non-profit-making institution limited by guarantee, and membership is open to all businesses. We cordially invite companies and business associations in sympathy with ICC's aims and objects to join to benefit from the opportunities and expertise derived from being associated with the ICC and ICC-HK.

Organization Structure

A. Organisation Chart

B. Executive Committee is the governing body

  Chairman Mr. J. P. Lee, SBS, OBE, JP
  Vice Chairman Mr. Keith Brandt
  Treasurer Ms. Angela Yeung Pui Yan
  Secretary Ms. Shirley Kwok
  Standing Committee Chairpersons Committee on Banking
    Mr. Sammy Yu Wing Kin
    Committee on ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition – Hong Kong
    Committee on Commercial Law & Practice
    Mr. John Scott, KC, SC, JP
    Committee on Volunteering
    Mr. Sebastian Man Shiu Wai
    Training Task Force
    Mr. David Ng Tai Chiu
  Representative at the ICC International Court of Arbitration Ms. Kim Rooney


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